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Welcome back to the Organic Website.  This site is constantly under construction, so please check back regularly for updated information. (If you have trouble seeing the new content, perhaps it would help if you clicked "view" and then "reload" to update the pages stored on your computer)



See Organic Crop Production for best practices compiled from organic producers.

Check out the YouTube version of the presentation Steve Shirtliffe made to Organic Connections.


See On Farm Research for guidelines on how to set up your own resarch projects.

Check out Research Reports for final reports on organic research funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture`s Agriculture Development Fund, free downloads to published organic manuscripts and theses of recent graduate students working on organic agronomy, weed management and soil feritlity.



Organic production in Canada can be a profitable and environmentally sustainable form of farming.  This website was created to showcase research in the College of Agriculture and BioResources at the University of Saskatchewan that was developed at the university and/or is relevant to the prairie region of western Canada. 

If you have suggestions about what you see or what you'd like to see here, please contact