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Glendive Montana Farm to Table tour

Glendive collagePhotos by Brenda Frick and Jessica Valois. Collage by Jessica Valois

Bruce Smith shared his vision of a sustainable local food system in Eastern Montana. He is inspired by the words of Mike Callicciate who said "Your food is killing you and your food system is killing your community". Bruce says that there is economy of scale at both ends. There is no community over 20,000 people within 150 mile radius of Glendive. This allows for effective small scale processing. Farmers in general receive only 18 - 21 cents per dollar spent by consumers on food (7-9 cents for wheat farmers). The Farm to Table cooperative is helping farmers hold onto more of the food dollar, while bringing quality local food to the community. Bruce feels they can triple the farmers' income while still producing food at 10% below current prices. They currently produce flour, barley flakes, beans and soup mixes in small consumer packages. They have plans for a shared-use kitchen, culinary arts school, restaurant and microbrewery.