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GO field day

GO collage 

Photos by Brenda Frick. Collage by Jessica Valois

Randy Gubersky hosted the field day for GO this year. Steven Snider had planned to host the day, but the drought at his farm was too severe. Randy showed us equipment - a Sunflower disc for green manure plowdown, a 7 row harrow from MB, a 1949 tractor, a barb wire reel and fenceline clipper. He also showed a variety of fields, including oat/pea green manure, fall rye, yellow sweetclover, oats, and wheat. Randy discussed his weed control and rotational strategies. One of the more obvious comparisons was in fields that had gone different lengths of time since alfalfa breaking. Crops further from alfalfa break were weedier and a lighter green, suggesting lower nutrient levels.