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OCIA SK#5 Field Day

OCIA#5 collage

Photos by Brenda Frick. Collage by Jessica Valois.

  • Chapter 5's tour began at St Peters Abbey in Muenster. We were shown the abbey bees that produce about 1200 lb of honey per year. Jim Ternier and his WWOOFers (volunteers) showed us some of the collection of flowers, plants in the potato, onion and pink families, and some of the historic wheats . The abbey now has a hoop house to extend the season. An orchard has been part of the abbey for more than 100 years. It has a variety of apples, UofS cherries, raspberries and other fruits.
  • Lorne Schroeder discussed the costs of production for organic beef. He is doing some marketing through Clear Creek. He also showed us a comparison between land that was direct seeded into oats, on 4010 field pea stubble. That seeded with a notill haybuster drill was yellow with hawk's-beard. That seeded with an airseeder was relatively clean.
  • We toured a wind turbine and discussed net metering and the cost of wind energy.
  • Wayne Dick showed us his Indianhead lentils and oats underseeded to alfalfa. He has been continuous cropping, but has decided that he can't continue to do this. He is planning to move to a legume, green manure, cereal rotation.
  • We toured the very lovely gardens of Flowers of Dellwood.