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OCIA SK6 Field Day

OCIA#6 Collage

Photos by Chantal Jacobs. Collage by Brenda Frick

About 20 people gathered at Stenen Sk to attend this field day. Highlights include the following:

  • Several alfalfa ploughdowns followed by oats - resulted in very clean oat crops
  • Semi-dwarf variety of fall rye underseeded into flax - fall rye stays small and competes with weeds during flax growing season. Fall rye is harvested the following year, and the benefits to this rotation are increased weed control and the number of field operations is minimized
  • Productive cicer milkvetch stand in 3rd year of rotation. The farmer intended to use it for hay, and it was noted that cicer milkvetch can be difficult to establish, but does well once it's established under good moisture conditions.
Report prepared by Chantal Jacobs, Organic Crops Specialist, SK Ag